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I Believe

I believe in the body's innate ability to heal and that there is much more to dis-ease than symptoms. We can give a name to a group of symptoms and throw Rx's or supplements at them but does that solve the problem? Does that remove the cause? I'm interested in what's causing the symptoms, not in simply suppressing them. To uncover and correct the source of the imbalance(s) and optimize health and quality of life is my idea of healing. This requires some detective work so if you choose to work with me, be prepared for a lot of questions, some seemingly unrelated to your dis-ease.


You are not a series of unrelated parts. You are a whole being, each system of your body in communication and potentially affecting the others. At the center of your being is a microscopic control center called the gut microbiome. Optimizing gut microbiota is, in my experience, the crucial first step toward healing.

Understanding the gut microbiome changed my world. 

Having dealt with "mystery" illnesses (one of which turned out to be a severe candida overgrowth) twice in my life that my doctors couldn't diagnose or help with, I was led to educate myself about the root cause of disease and the paths to healing. Since then, I have become a certified fermentationist and health coach. With a background as an herbal remedy buyer for a major health food store, I was educated in herbal remedies as well, and feel that herbs can also play an important part in a healthy lifestyle.


From understanding the structure and function of the microbiome, I was able to heal my body from candida, mold, and a variety of other imbalances, and to heal my mind from depression and anxiety. My goal is to help empower people to live as healthfully as possible through knowledge and informed choices regarding food, health and self-care. 



Meet Kristin!


Please join me in welcoming Kristin Kraczek to our health coaching practice! Kristin is a graduate of The Institute for Functional Medicine and specializes in keeping clients focused and on track to meet their health goals. Whether your goals include making healthy meals or exercising regularly, Kristin can help you create habits and a mindset to help you attain them.


At Rock the Biome, we have a passion for wild fermentation and gut health. We use ancient methods to craft traditional fermented foods and beverages infused with modern flavor in small batches from our home in the Phoenix Valley. To achieve complex, layered flavor and full healthful benefits, our ferments are not rushed. This is slow food at its finest. 

sandi miller

certified fermentationist

health coach

Air Force Veteran

todd miller

organic gardener

heavy lifter

taste analyzer

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"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience."


Ralph Waldo Emerson

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