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"After battling SIBO for over 5 years, my gut was wrecked from antibiotics, low FODMAP, Keto and  other extremely restrictive diets. For 2 years after, I worked with many dietitians, GI doctors, naturopaths and MDs to improve leaky gut, vitamin deficiencies, extreme weight gain, chronic inflammation, thyroid imbalance and the early signs of depression. I spent thousands of dollars and cried gallons of tears as each trail of hope came to a dead end. Sandi is the only person who has helped me restore my health. In a few short months, she transitioned my diet 180 degrees, strengthening my digestive system. She recommended targeted supplements and demystified the world of probiotics and fermented foods. Sandi never once said she was stuck or that I was a “difficult case”. Her knowledge of how the gut biome influences the entire body is nothing short of amazing. She invests herself in each patient and makes our healing personal. Her own experience with her health challenges lends an unparalleled passion to her work. Each day I felt cared for and knew that Sandi spent a lot of time thinking of how to help me get better. And get better I did. My most recent blood tests showed a whopping 100 point decrease in cholesterol, “perfect” thyroid numbers (according to my doctor) and an overall hormone balance. My doctor, who is a very progressive and accomplished DO, said she had never seen such improvement in 8 weeks! She also said that Sandi gets all the credit because she never would have known enough to have recommended Sandi’s protocol for me. No words can express my gratitude to Sandi for literally changing my life. She’s the perfect mix of educated empathy and I recommend her to anyone who has a need or desire to improve their overall health."

- Chandler, AZ 



"I’m so excited! Guess what cleaning up my gut finally fixed after years and years and years? My blood pressure!! It’s crazy because I’ve never been able to cut back on my high dose (30mg) of lisinopril... but my heart has been racing at night... turns out my bp was bottoming out to 93/53 😳 so I’ve been taking less and less of the lisinopril and it’s still bottoming out... so today I only took 10. My bp while up and around is still only like 110/70. I’m sooooo happy! Weight loss didn’t fix it, exercise didn’t fix it... eating healthy by itself didn’t fix it. It HAS to be the probiotics!" - K. Florida, USA 

K used specific probiotics and a phage I informed her about (and  specific fermented foods!), based on her gut sequencing results. This is why gut sequencing is so important to me. Know your bugs! Congrats, K! You're a ROCK STAR!         -sandi


"You've changed my life since prescribing me mega spore probiotic, (I need to order more, running low now).

Looking back, feeling the daily pain, misery, and suffering for just myself has changed my entire perspective of life. I remember thinking when I woke up in the morning...is this the day? Is this the day where my insides burn to ash?


I used to be so focused on building massive wealth for my own selfish motives and I'm glad I went through that pain. Because now I'm going back to school in December, and I'm going to get my EMT intermediate certification and work towards getting a 4 year degree to become a 2nd Lieutenant in USMC Force Recon and strive to get accepted into MARSOC.


I don't know if this is an act of God or just a coincidence finding you. But I'm so glad I did."

- Noah, Virginia, USA November 2018

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 9.55.15 AM.png

W. - New Jersey, USA


AM bp good testimonial.png

A. - Phoenix, AZ 

YO Miss Thang, I am so happy for you! You're less than a month and a half into my protocol and you're already kicking @ss! Rock that 'biome, grrrrrl!           -sandi


"Sandi is diving into the science and creating art. Her ferments are creative and delicious. They've become an important part of my daily health care."


Jessica Mann, L.Ac.

Tempe Acupuncture Center

5005 S. Ash Avenue Suite 7

Tempe AZ 85282

(480) 455-9899


"So good it feels like you are sipping on a fine wine." (about my fermented tomatillo salsa)

-A.A., Mesa, AZ


"It's the Champagne of salsas! There is nothing like it." (about my fermented tomatillo salsa)


-M.N., Mesa, AZ 





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"I'm ecstatic with [milk] kefir production! The kefir grains are happy, busy fermenting my 5th batch. First batch from mailed grains was excellent. I plan to softly play classical music on the radio for the grains during the next ferment cycle." (Ha! I love it! Thank you, Bruce! -sandi)


-Bruce, Phoenix, AZ

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