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Ferments Currently Available for Purchase

(in metro Phoenix, AZ)

Water Kefir

Rock the Biome is now offering organic sourdough! We started our cottage bakery in  2023 dba Desert Rise Bakery

Our menu changes monthly, with a special Boule of the Month. Check back for updates! 


DRB May Menu.png

Strawberry Cheese Buns

Strawberry cheese danish in cinnamon bun form! Instant fan favorite! 

Please note, I'm traveling in May and there will be no baked goods available May 1-10


Water Kefir (temporarily unavailable)

Water kefir is a wonderful probiotic drink which, like milk kefir, contains beneficial bacteria as well as beneficial yeasts (so overlooked and so vital for optimal health!), and without the vinegary taste of kombucha. Please allow 2-5 days for your order to be ready; sometimes there is a waiting list. If you would like to taste certain flavors, let us know and you can stop by for a tasting (northeast Chandler).

All ingredients in our water kefirs are organically grown and purchased from reliable sources, locally grown when possible. We ferment with organic cane sugar and organic coconut palm sugar (tiny amount). The sugar is consumed during fermentation, however, there is no way for us to measure whether  any may be left in the end product. 

Email to order or order here (and view in-stock deliciousness)

Bacteria/yeasts found in water kefir:


Dominant species:


Leuconostoc mesenteroides

Lc. citreum [4]

Lactobacillus casei/paracasei

Lb. brevis

Lb. harbinensis

Lb. hilgardii

Lb. hordei/mali

Lb. nagelii/ghanensis

Lb. rhamnosus

Bifidobacterium psychraerophilum

Bifidobacterium aquikefiri [5]

B. crudilactis

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Dekkera bruxellensis [1]

Other species: 

Lactobacillus galactose
Lb. casei subsp. Ramos
Lb. casei subsp. tolerant
Lactobacillus brevis
Lb. coraciiform subsp. torquens
Lb. fructose
Lb. hilarities [2]
Lb. homophobia [2]
Lb. plantarum
Lb. pseudo plantarum
Lb. admonishes
Lactobacillus casei subsp.casei
Streptococcus cremeris
Str. faecalis
Str. lactis

Pediococcus damnosus

Sacc. florentinus
Sacc. pretoriensis
Candida valida
C. lambica
Kloeckera apiculata

Lachancea fermentati [3]
Hansenula yalbensis

Zygotorulaspora florentina [3]

Species vary in different grains. Without (extremely) pricey lab testing, it's not possible to know what species each individual family of grains have, but all families have beneficial species. 

Species without references were taken from the Fermentation Certification Course that i attended, many of which can also  be found here

Why Drink Kefir?

Kefirs are found to cause apoptosis (death) of cancer cells.

Kefir helps reverse metabolic syndrome.

Water kefir inhibits certain breast cancer cells and keeps it from metastasizing

Kefir helps reduce anxiety and cognition impairments from nicotine withdrawals. 

Kefir contains the mighty bifidobacteria which performs a number of roles including: "the production and/or liberation of B vitamins, antioxidants, polyphenols, and conjugated linoleic acids; maturation of the immune system during early life and preservation of immune homeostasis during life; preservation of gut barrier functions and protection against pathogens by producing bacteriocins, decreasing luminal pH by the production of acids, and blocking the adhesion of pathogens to the intestinal mucosa."

Probiotics consumed in fermented foods and beverage are found to inoculate the gut far better than lab-grown probiotic pill supplements. 

Fermented foods are considered more beneficial than probiotic pills for many other reasons

Probiotic diversity is key to good health.

Water kefir is delicious! 

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