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If you've found my website while looking for ways to improve your overall health, or the health of your gut (which inarguably could improve your overall health), or just to learn more about your own inner ecology, a great place to start would be having your gut microbiome sequenced. It's inexpensive, fun and easy to do. Simply order a test, take a swab, register your kit, then sit back and wait for your results. 

This is part of my gut sequencing results. Notice that I have NO bifidobacteria and scant traces of lactobacillus compared to the sampled population. This is not good, but it is good to know. This, along with other results from my test, explains why some of my ongoing health issues weren't responding to the protocol I was using. This allowed me to make necessary adjustments for continued improvement.

There are several tests from which to choose in the States. Some can be ordered from out of country; please check websites for current availability. 


uBiome SmartGut (accepts some out of network insurance with no cost to you)

BIOHM Health Gut Report 


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