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my ubiome results - the good, the bad and the ugly

The results of my first uBiome gut sequencing test was shocking. I have NO bifido bacteria in my gut. Like, none. Zip. Zilch. Zeeeerrrro. To top it off, I have scant amounts of lactobacillus, too. Yeah, you know, those really important protective bacteria that live (or are supposed to) in our guts and keep our immune systems functioning properly, keep the potential uglies like candida in check, and produce metabolic byproducts or "postbiotics" (like butyrate) that benefit our health. Yeah, those. None to little. Check it out:

I was initially really excited that I have Akkermansia, but when i found out that 10% is "too much of a good thing," it was a "wah-wah" moment and my happy little bubble burst. Still, i'd rather have too much than none at all, so I'll take it and work on balance.

Now, mind you, I sent my gut sample in early February (2017) while in the midst of a (what I assume was/is) candida overgrowth. But without testing, i'm guessing. I'm going strictly from symptoms (brainfog, indigestion, itchy scalp and itching deep in the ears, itchy corners of the eyes (different from my old feelings of allergy itch), anxiety, etc., that have come and gone since September of 2014 after a series of traumatic events (including the passing of my mother and brother 3 weeks apart) led to the stress that destroyed my gut. [Update: later testing revealed slightly elevated Candida and an overgrowth of mold in the Zygomycota phylum, which I corrected using diet and bee propolis.]

SO. What to do when given such discouraging news? I'm currently on Day 6 of a cleanse (and on my 11th day of a specific pH balancing protocol). I'll post when I retest my gut again, which should be in another month or so.

Follow-up edit: after DNA testing, I learned I'm a FUT2 non-secretor which, in a nutshell, means my body doesn't secrete a special sugar that feeds certain good gut bugs like Bifidobacteria, which means I will need to focus on feeding them with prebiotic food and supplements.

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