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Product Review: Vitamix S30 Personal Blender

I have a confession to make: in the late 1990's, I owned an old-school Vitamix and I had a love/hate relationship with it. It was huge and clunky and had an awkwardly square blending container. It was loud as crap and although it performed well - fantastically, even, at being a blender (I loved it for that), it kinda sucked at all the other things it was supposed to be: an ice-cream maker, soup maker, grain grinder, etc. To get grains as fine as I wanted them required a lot of blending and the flour got hot and moist. Yuck. Making soup was just. Too. Loud. The ice cream didn't have that beloved ice-creamy texture I loved from a dedicated ice-cream maker. In the end, I sold it.

Fast-forward 20ish years and after the blending system I had been using for the past year or so tried to kill me dead (or at least screw up my endocrine system) by infusing burnt plastic into my smoothie, I once again found myself eyeing a Vitamix. After all, they've changed significantly in the last couple decades, so maybe I would adore a newly designed one. With neither counter nor cabinet space for a large model, I decided on the S30 "personal" blender size. Turns out it's the perfect size for my family's needs. (And it comes in red! Plus, I found it cheaper on Costo.com, so if you're eyeballing this blender and have a Costco membership, you can save significant dough.)

Not only does the S30 make a mean smoothie, swiftly whirring frozen berries, bananas, fresh kale leaves and dates (even the harder kind) into a dreamy smooth consistency, it also grinds grains and does pretty much all the things its bigger siblings do, just on a smaller scale with its 40 oz blending container (and bonus 22 oz smoothie container). It's perfect for my family of 3 at home. I've even used it to make brown rice flour and didn't get the hot moist ewww that I got 20 years ago from the old model. Yay!

Below is a sadly unprofessional-quality video of smoothie-making in the Vitamix S30. Please forgive me for my lack of available time to video edit.

[In hindsight, that was probably a random cherry pit I blended up. One won't hurt. My hubby and I split it. Ha! Just don't eat them intentionally; too many are harmful.]

All the yums!

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to make smoothies (and whole food juices!) and have versatility and compact size in a blender, I recommend the Vitamix S30.

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