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How to Make a Vision Board and Why You Should!

I live in Arizona, USA. In 2003, I moved here from my beloved homeland of Virginia because the guy I had been dating for half a year wanted to start a business here. We broke up about 6 months after the cross-country move and I was left a single mother with two kiddos from a previous marriage, away from family and friends, to fend on my own. Disheartened by the not-exceptionally honest guys I had encountered in the dating world, I wrote down everything I wanted in a partner in great detail and filed the document away in a folder on my computer. Can you guess what happened?

It came to life. The vision I had created of my perfect mate came true. We are still married, 14 years later, despite some bumps in the road, and we have a very happy and wonderful life together. There is no one I would rather spend my life with.

This was not the first time I used the power of envisioning to manifest what I wanted for myself. When I was deathly ill 20 years ago and my doctor couldn't help me, I would close my eyes and envision a HEALTHY, happy, thriving ME, fit - able to run a 10K if I wanted to (and I did!) - confident, calm, strong, assured and capable. Despite how ill I was and how afraid I was that I wouldn't find the answers to heal, I did. I became, very nearly, the exact image of the person in my vision of myself.

For the coming New Year, I'm making a new Vision Board. Here are some of the items I'll be including on mine:

What is it that you want for yourself and your life? Imagine it, write it down, make a Vision Board. You can create a Pinterest account with a special board (it can even be private), or you can use a poster board and cut images from magazines for your vision board. Any way that feels right to you, try it out! Invite all that goodness into your life. Focus on positivity. Keep yourself in the sacred space of love and light. Treat yourself with kindness and love.

I wish you all wonderful things today, tomorrow and always.



P.S. Here's some manifestation wisdom from Oprah:

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