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Why I Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast

Such an attention-grabbing title, no? I can imagine the various thoughts going through the minds of those reading it:

First, there are the keto folks, thinking, "It must be Swerve-sweetened coconut-oil, heavy-cream ice cream!"

And then there are the carnivores, who may be thinking, "Well, as long as it's just frozen heavy cream, she can probably get away with it."

The paleo folks may be wondering if it's more of a frozen berry sorbet.

The WAPpers (my name for followers of the Weston A. Price diet) wonder if it's made from whole milk kefir, fresh raw cream and berries (which I have made, and it's delish).

But the raw foodists already know: it's frozen banana "nice" cream!

Let me tell you, if you haven't lived in a low desert before, it gets HOT in summer. I mean, hot. Like, HOT HOT! Like, by mid-July we begin to beg the question, "WHY DO I LIVE HERE?!" And, "WHY DO I LIVE ON THE FACE OF HELL?!" And so, we find little things to get us through, and one of those things is ice cream!

While I am indeed a fan of home-made traditional ice cream (in my case) of fresh raw cream, milk and unrefined sugar (and sometimes raw eggs!), I prefer to reserve treats made with added sugar for an occasional indulgence.

Instead, when I want ice cream (and especially for breakfast) I freeze some bananas and other fruits and run them through my Champion Juicer with the homogenizing blank in place of the juicing screen. It comes out like perfectly smooth, creamy soft-serve ice cream. No joke! And if you're healing your gut and avoiding dairy and added sugars, banana "nice" cream is a supportive and wonderful treat!

Below is another one of my very professionally made videos (cough cough). The irony is that I own a professional-grade camera, lighting and lenses and could film something pretty and shiny, but who has time to set up and edit that? I don't. So, thanks for bearing with me and my 1984-style videos.

Embarrassing note: I trimmed a couple minutes off the top of the video because I thought it sounded soap-boxy when I was talking about the current trend to demonize fruit, which was not my intention, but having been raised by animals, that tone of voice can come through even when the feeling isn't behind it. So, what you missed...

...is that I'm sooooo over the demonizing of fruit. People who don't tolerate fruit have gut issues and can work on healing that. Eating "sugar" in fruit is not the same as eating a plate full of white sugar. As a matter of fact, when I went on a high-fruit diet, my fasting blood sugar came down (from upper 90's to about 89 last time I checked). Clients on my program have seen the same...lower fasting glucose levels, lower A1c numbers, better poops, more energy.

As a matter of fact, some fruits have been shown to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5490577/

Oh, and wait, what? "Higher fresh fruit consumption was associated with significantly lower risk of diabetes and, among diabetic individuals, lower risks of death and development of major vascular complications." https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5388466/

Well, imagine that.

Instructions for Banana "Nice" Cream:

Freeze ripe bananas (peeled and whole) and other fruits (in chunks or slices) overnight.

Use the homogenizing blade of your masticating juicer, or a food processor (may not work quite as well, but likely close) to turn those bad boys into soft-serve!

You're magical!

Very unprofessional video quality warning:

Cheers to warmer weather and Nice Cream for breakfast!



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