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is your gut leaking toxins into your bloodstream? (and what to do about it)

It's much more common that my health coaching clients exhibit signs of intestinal permeability, aka "leaky gut" than not. The intestinal lining protects us from toxins and poorly digested food molecules entering the blood stream. When the lining of the intestines is compromised, a variety of health issues can ensue. When the lining is damaged and can no longer protect us from toxins, we must make it our priority to repair the damage and restore proper functioning of this very important barrier. "A large variety of exogenous substances colonize the gut lumen, such as microorganisms, toxins, and antigens. Without an intact and properly functioning intestinal barrier, these substances can penetrate the tissues beneath the intestinal epithelial lining, diffuse into blood and lymphatic circulations, and disrupt tissue homeostasis." [source]

"The intestinal epithelial lining, together with factors secreted from it, forms a barrier that separates the host from the environment. In pathologic conditions, the permeability of the epithelial lining may be compromised allowing the passage of toxins, antigens, and bacteria in the lumen to enter the blood stream creating a 'leaky gut.'" [ibid]

Besides feeling run-down and/or experiencing brain fog, we may run the risk of developing an auto-immune disease as the result of a leaky gut: "In individuals with a genetic predisposition, a leaky gut may allow environmental factors to enter the body and trigger the initiation and development of autoimmune disease." [ibid]

What are some signs and symptoms of leaky gut?

  • Bloating

  • Gas

  • Food sensitivities

  • Brain fog

  • Pain

  • Skin conditions

  • IBD / IBS

  • Autoimmune disease

  • Thyroid issues

Who is at risk for developing leaky gut? Some risk factors include digestive issues, candida overgrowth, consuming a western diet (not enough fiber, too much sugar), having a dysbiotic microbiome (not enough healthy bacteria / too many pathogens), experiencing excessive stress and taking medications that damage gut function (opioids, etc). So, basically most of us will experience some degree of leaky gut in our lifetimes. I have. More than once. Thank goodness it can be reversed! It was not a good feeling. Sometimes I felt drunk from the toxins in my bloodstream.

So, what can we do to help repair leaky gut? Besides cleaning up our diets and getting some exercise to help heal the gut, there are supplements that can help. Fortunately, my favorite gut-support lab is releasing a new product tomorrow (Thursday, September 20, 2018) called MegaMucosa, specially formulated to rock the gut lining. I am so excited about this product and can't wait for my family to receive ours! MegaMucosa and all Microbiome Labs products are available to my health coaching clients through my patient portal on the Microbiome Labs website. Email me for ordering instructions. To read more about MegaMucosa, click the image below:

If you think leaky gut may be an issue for you, email me to schedule a gut consultation, or click here to read more about my coaching services. If you would like to have your gut microbiome sequenced, click here for $39 off Viome's test (normally $399US). It shows active bacteria, archaea, viruses, fungi, parasites and all their metabolites and gives food recommendations geared toward making your 'crobes happier and healthier.

Let's rock your 'biome!



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